Don Murry

I’m originally from Harrison, Arkansas and moved to the area in 2006.  My  awesome wife Libby and I have been married for over 50 years.  She is my best friend and the single person I trust with anything and everything that matters.  Our decision to move was to be closer to our family. Our son, Barry who is married to Missy and the parents of Bryson, Olivia, Luke and Jean Marie.  Our daughter, Leslie who is married to Andy are the parents of our other two grandchildren Drew & Daniel.

I spent my childhood and entire working life involved in sports.  I played organized football for 16 years, coached college football for 21 years as well as taught and coached high school  football for 21 years. This was amazing as I never felt I worked a day in my life because of the opportunity to do what I loved. The most important benefit of teaching and coaching is the many wonderful young people I have known.

Jesus is Lord of my life and my family is amazing, I love to spend time with them.  I attend Wake Crossroads Baptist Church and enjoy being with friends and all sports but especially football.

My objective in working at The Thompson Agency  is to assist clients in preparing for the possibility of catastrophe, and protecting them in the event of an unforeseen accident.