Patrick Delaney

I was born in Lansdale, PA and relocated to the Raleigh area for a job in 1981.  My wife Debbie and I have been married for 33 years. Our 2 sons, their wives and our 4 grand girls join us about every week for Sunday dinner.  I’m a member of Crossroads Fellowship, as well as the Raleigh Dream Center and Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce.

The heroes in my life have always been people who went beyond the great idea of doing something for others, and put actions to their thoughts.  A neighbor had lost his job due to a sudden life-threatening illness. Upon finding out about the gravity of the situation I organized the neighborhood to provide meals for the family.

I have experienced how your life plans can come undone in an instant, when I was 27 years old I lost my first wife and son as the result of a tragic car accident.  I earned my Pastoral Ministry degree from the University of Valley Forge and am Chaplain with a local ministry that serves in the Wake Forest and Raleigh area.

I believe that grownups need recess and play time, to that end I don’t work out, I play. Last year, my “recess playing time” resulted in riding my bicycle just shy of 1200 miles.  I write songs, sing and seek to encourage young creative talent to hone their craft and dig deeper into their creative possibilities

For me The Golden Rule, “DO UNTO OTHERS, AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU” is much more than a slogan, tagline or way of doing business, it’s a way of life.